001. 19 Things About 2019 #1

#1 The odds are against the All Blacks winning Rugby World Cup 2019

The skinny

It’s just really, really, really hard to win a World Cup. It’s a bazillion times harder to win two in a row. Multiply that by a jazillion for a threepeat. That’s a big number we’re trying to beat.

Not saying it can’t be done. Not saying it shouldn’t be done.

Just saying we should look the monster in the face.

Why this matters

It’s rugby. It’s the All Blacks. That is all.


Here’s the context.

Year           Winner                    Result in next Cup

1987          New Zealand           3rd

1991           Australia                 Quarter-final

1995          South Africa            3rd

1999          Australia                  2nd

2003           England                   2nd

2007           South Africa           Quarter-final

2011           New Zealand          Winner

2015           New Zealand          TBD


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