003. 19 Things About 2019 #3

#3 Super Rugby will be an unsatisfying appetiser


The skinny

Once every four years, the Super Rugby competition is seen through the filter of the Rugby World Cup. We think it signifies something, but it doesn’t really.


Why this matters

There are 261 days between today and the start of the Rugby World Cup (20 September, Japan vs Russia in Tokyo).

The good news is that 143 of those days will be taken up with the Super Rugby competition (starting 15 February, Chiefs vs Highlanders in Hamilton; ending 7 July, tbd vs tbd in tbd). So there’s plenty of rugby while we wait for the rrrrugby.

In a normal year, we’d be right into thinking about how our favourite franchise is going to go.  This year we’ll have a longer eye on the impact on our favourite World Cup teams in terms of form, fitness and injuries.  If the Aussies continue to flatulate, what chances for Cheika’s Chumps? Can the Seth Efrikens discover the depth they need in critical positions to achieve consistency? If the Blues are competitive, what chances for an ABs bolter, and who would they displace?

So while I’m reasonably warm on once again believing this is the Hurricanes’ year, and am therefore ready to be resigned to despair by the 3rd round, actually, I’m really just thinking about William Webb Ellis.

I really won’t even care if the Crusaders win again.



Here’s the headline data on why Super Rugby doesn’t really matter.

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