019. 19 Things About 2019 #19

#19 Ned will be in Japan for RWC2019, oh yes he will

So I had this plan in my head that in the first 19 days of 2019 I would kick off the year in style by writing these 19 posts, and … well, now it’s August.

So how’s your year going?

Anyways, here’s the 19th thing about 2019: Ned will be in Japan for the Rugby World Cup.

I realise that some of you will be aware that Shag is announcing the All Black squad tomorrow, and you’ll be jumping to the conclusion that Ned will be in there as loose forward cover. Regrettably I have had the private whisper in the ear that I don’t need to pack my boots (bloody Liam Squire), so I’m going the old fashioned way: I’ve raided the coin jar.

Many times raided the coin jar, given the number of games I’ve got lined up:

  1. England – Tonga in Sapporo
  2. Wales – Georgia in the City of Toyota
  3. Italy – Canada in Fukuoka
  4. South Africa – Namibia in the City of Toyota
  5. New Zealand – Canada in Oita
  6. Ireland – Russia in Kobe
  7. South Africa – Italy in Shizuoka
  8. New Zealand – Namibia in Tokyo
  9. Wales – Fiji in Oita
  10. Namibia – Canada in Kamaishi
  11. Quarter-Final 2 in Tokyo
  12. Quarter-Final 3 in Oita
  13. Semi-Final 1 in Yokohama

I’ll be accompanied on some of this by Mayhem, LittleDavyOne and Captain Tinarse, whose adventures you’ll hear more about as we proceed. But fair to say that Mayhem will be a bit dodgy, LittleDavyOne will be fabulous, and Captain Tinarse will be a complete disgrace.

Ned will be reliable, orderly and authoritative at all times.


Most times.





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