023. Just Saying #1

The last time the All Blacks lost a Rugby World Cup match was 6 October 2007 (Quarter-Final vs France).

The record for other teams at RWC2019:

Argentina         30 October 2015 (Bronze Final vs South Africa)

Australia           31 October 2015 (Grand Final vs New Zealand)

Canada            6 October 2015 (Pool D vs Romania)

England           3 October 2015 (Pool A vs Australia)

France            17 October 2015 (Quarter-Final vs New Zealand)

Fiji                   1 October 2015 (Pool A vs Wales)

Georgia          2 October 2015 (Pool C vs New Zealand)

Ireland           18 October 2015 (Quarter-Final vs Argentina)

Italy                4 October 2015 (Pool D vs Ireland)

Japan            23 September 2015 (Pool B vs Canada)

Namibia        7 October 2015 (Pool C vs Georgia)

Russia          1 October 2011 (Pool C vs Australia: did not qualify for RWC2015)

Samoa         10 October 2015 (Pool B vs Scotland)

Scotland      18 October 2015 (Quarter-Final vs Australia)

South Africa 24 October 2015 (Semi-Final vs New Zealand)

Tonga            9 October 2015 (Pool C vs New Zealand)

USA              11 October 2015 (Pool B vs Japan)

Uruguay       10 October 2015 (Pool A vs England)

Wales           17 October 2015 (Quarter-Final vs Australia)


The South Africa vs New Zealand match on 21 September is so full of portent already, but it also counts towards the All Blacks being able to bury the memory of Cardiff in 2007 just a little bit deeper. If they can sneak past Canada on 2 October and Namibia on 6 October, they would get past the 12 year anniversary.

Of course, there are no celebrations until you get to 25 years.

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