024. Just Saying #2

The last time the All Blacks won a Rugby World Cup match was 31 October 2015 (Grand Final vs Australia).

The record for other teams at RWC2019 is:

Argentina           18 October 2015 (Quarter-Final vs Ireland)

Australia             25 October 2015 (Semi-Final vs Argentina)

Canada              14 September 2011 (Pool A vs Tonga: 27 September 2011 drew with Japan)

England             10 October 2015 (Pool A vs Uruguay)

France               1 October 2015 (Pool D vs Canada)

Fiji                      6 October 2015 (Pool A vs Uruguay)

Georgia             7 October 2015 (Pool C vs Namibia)

Ireland              4 October 2015 (Pool D)

Italy                  11 October 2015 (Pool D vs Romania)

Japan               11 October 2015 (Pool B vs USA)

Namibia            nil (appeared at RWCs 1999/2003/2007/2011/2015)

Russia               nil (appeared at RWC2011)

Samoa              20 September 2015 (Pool B vs USA)

Scotland          10 October 2015 (Pool B vs Samoa)

South Africa    30 October 2015 (Bronze final vs Argentina)

Tonga               29 September 2015 (Pool C vs Namibia)

USA                  15 September 2011 (Pool C vs Russia)

Uruguay           28 October 2003 (Pool C vs Georgia; did not qualify for RWCs 2007 and 2011; no wins at RWC2015)

Wales               1 October 2015 (Pool A vs Fiji)


That’s a fair long time between drinks for Uruguay, Canada and USA, and no drinks at all for Namibia and Russia.

Success for those teams will be getting any win during the pool stages at RWC2019. So look for a bit of extra spice in these matches:

  • 20 September Japan vs Russia (the tournament opener; Japan overwhelming favourites, but emotion is a funny thing)
  • 24 September Samoa vs Russia (got to have a go)
  • 25 September Uruguay vs Fiji (an ambush chance for Uruguay if Fiji are targeting other matches for a chance to make the quarters)
  • 2 October USA vs France (France really could self-destruct in this tournament, so have a crack guys)
  • 13 October Canada vs Namibia (one team gets to have a drink afterwards)
  • 13 October USA vs Tonga (probably the wooden-spoon contest in this pool, so put it all out there)


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