036. Match 8

Dear Reader: it was a triumpant day of transport.

Ned and Mayhem stepped out of our apartment at exactly 0610 hours to catch the 0620 tram, just as the first drops of rain from the approaching typhoon began falling.  We were bugging out just in time.

It went like this:

  • Tram-subway-train-plane-train-train-train.
  • Check-in to hotel.
  • Train-train-train.
  • Watch the match.
  • Train-train-train back to the hotel.

And every single link was exactly on time.  Public transport you can set your watch to. Apparently it can be done, even if the Greater Wellington Regional Council are on a mission to prove that it cannot.


RWC2019 Match 8: Wales 43 Georgia 14

Sapporo Dome was fab. Toyoto Stadium is wow.

Approaching it across a bridge that itself is a work of art, it glided up like a stingray. Or possibly a Klingon starship hiding in plain sight.

Our seats were behind the goal posts on the south side: Wales playing away from us in the first half, and towards us in the second.

Toyota Stadium, City of Toyota, Japan

Which meant we could see the width which Wales wanted to play.  Pay attention kiwis: Dan Biggar is a very fine fly-half.  Able to catch and send an accurate spiralling pass half way across the field in a single movement.

And he’s strong and brave.  We watched him being monster sandwiched by the Georgian heavies, and he picked himself up and got back in line and did it again.

And the Georgians were big units. And willing.  And with enough skill to put two tries past the Welsh in the second half.  But lordy they do not know where to kick: always sending it straight to a thankful boyo rather than trying to find grass.

The Welsh, I think, can be happy enough with their bonus point win.  A dominant first half, before they lost focus for much of the second in the face of a revived Georgia.

But they’ve certainly had the better showing of any of the Tier 1 teams (such as England or Australia) playing a Tier 2 team.  They did the business.

Which has got me thinking about what the business is for the Tier 1 teams through the pools.  I’m trying out a theory on Mayhem before I share it with you. He’s suitably impressed, which is to say, polite enough not to snore.

One thought on “036. Match 8

  1. “The business”
    They have to win, not show too much of how they can win to the other Tier 1 teams and retain their players, so no injuries or bannings.


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