043. Substitution

Mayhem goes off, and LittleDavyOne comes on.

I had strategically booked a cheap hotel at Mikawa-Anjo, as it was on a Shinkansen line. In the morning Mayhem would head towards Tokyo to fly home, and I would head to Fukuoka to meet up with LittleDavyOne flying in from home.

What to do with one last night with the young fella?

Easy: we headed for Bar Salty Chaps, being a couple of salty chaps ourselves. Hidden behind an unassuming door was a very cool, very small cocktail bar. A couple of spiffily dressed chaps running the show presented us with a long drinks menu featuring a bevy of single malts and a raft of classic cocktails.

At which point Mayhem let it be known he had never tried a martini.  And there we are then: two dry martinis, straight up, and two Asahi Super Dry chasers, my good man.

From our table I watched, and the bartender nailed it. Lots of ice into a jug, the glasses from the freezer. He offered a bottle of Beefeater, which is exactly the correct gin. A wave of vermouth. A wristful of stirring, draining, the olive.

A very perfect first Mayhem martini, and much smiling and bowing, and early-ish to bed.

In the morning, Mayhem on to the 0702 Shinkansen to Tokyo, and Ned on the 0738 to Hakata via Shin-Osaka.

A quick transfer on the subway to the airport, and LittleDavyOne is at the exact spot by the information desk as specified. Some may call it control freakery (looking at you MrsDavy): I regard it as entering the spirit of Japan.

Back on the subway to Hakata, a local train to Nagasaki, a tram up to our hotel.

Everything going to plan. Joy.

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