055. Weather Update

While we wait for the RWC organising team to make an announcement about any disruption to the tournament schedule caused by the approach of Typhoon Hagibis (hint: it’s looking bad), I’m heading away from the worst.

Having been at the Wales – Fiji game in Oita last night (eastern Kyushu, which is going to get some typhoonish weather soon), I stayed at Kokura overnight so I could have an early start.

I’m doing a triple Shinkansen rush from Kokura to Shin-Osaka, to Tokyo, to Morioka in northern Honshu. Having left Kokura at 7.20am, I’ll be in Morioka by 3.33pm, having travelled 1643 kilometres at an average speed of 199.958 km/h – and that includes 33 minutes of transfer at Osaka and Tokyo.

Not too shabby.

Like a bloke, I had gone to the game last night just in jeans and a t-shirt, not counting on the change in seasons from when I was here last week, when it was hot and sticky.

It was a gorgeous early autumn evening, with a chill on the  skin, but really very pleasant. A stunning clear night sky, with moon hanging over us all.

Autumn evening, Oita Stadium.


Being autumn, the Japanese rice harvest has begun, and now we’re running past alternating fields of rice and stubble, and it’s another way to feel the approach of winter.

Stand by for an update from RWC officials about how they’ll deal with this weekend’s matches in an hour. Could be interesting.



The Organising Committee have cancelled the All Blacks – Italy and England – France matches on Saturday, and will make a decision about the Japan – Scotland and Ireland – Samoa matches on Sunday morning.

There is good reason for this unprecedented decision to cancel RWC matches: Typhoon Hagibi is now classed as a ‘super typhoon’, and may be the strongest storm anywhere in the world this year.  It may make a direct hit on the Tokyo area.  Japanese authorities are taking a lot of steps already to prepare communities in the likely path, such as the Shinkansen network notifying major disruption on Friday and Saturday.





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