065. Ned’s Emotional State

It’s the night before a Rugby World Cup quarter-final involving the All Blacks, so I’m a bit anxious, okay? I’m a bit ANXIOUS, I said.

Anyways, awhile back I did a calculation of my predicted emotional state through the pool matches, courtesy of the International League of Pain.

I’ve gone back and calculated how it went against the actual results. (Note that I’ve scored the three cancelled matches as “0”.)

So it turns out that I’ve ended up pretty much where I thought I would, but the good news is that Japan’s win over Ireland at Match 14 gave me a real boost through the middle part of pool play. I slipped back later on because New Zealand didn’t get to play Italy (and Namibia didn’t get to play Canada.)

If we add back in the three cancelled matches, and assume that New Zealand, England and Namibia would have won, I would have been well ahead of my expectations.

Given my heart/head predictions for the quarterfinals, I’m looking forward to a good weekend, up to the fourth match.  I fully expect to be groaning and gnashing teeth and cursing the gods with all the rest of Japan if/when South Africa carry the day.  There shall be rending of garments and lamenting on the shoulders of friends.

Or it could all go pear shape on Saturday evening, in which case it will be sobbing. Prolonged sobbing. Alone.

Anxious, I tell you. Anxious.

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